To make an impact in organizations and with their employees using a growth mindset to increase success and performance

For HR staff/managers, promote recruitment and selection practices that utilize a growth mindset

For employees, reinforce the impact of a growth mindset and a constructive explanatory style within the workplace

For managers/leaders, use optimism as a means of sustaining high performance and increasing efficiency of leaders

For all, promote a growth mindset as an enabler to manage and thrive in change


To help individuals improve mental and physical health through validated positive behavioral approaches and resources

Use conferences/workshops to focus on the positive impact of mental and physical health

Build communities for specific topics, e.g. following death/serious life events



To develop and provide motivational tools to club and sport associations for enhancement of and the resilience to maintain performance

Capitalize on engagement with coaches

Promote how optimism predicts success for selection and recruitment, beyond experienced coaches’ judgments and handicappers’ expertise 

Guide coaches training pessimistic athletes to become optimists and therefore increase resilience (try harder after defeat or stiff challenges and win more under pressure)