To be an optimist is to take a conscious decision for self-discipline, self-improvement and learning

Positive reality is a result of positive thought – and the inverse

Our personal commitment and actions will be followed by positive response from the world and by chance

Resignation is contamination

Optimists realize that difficulties inevitably pave the way but do take an active decision to look beyond at solutions and opportunities

Our desire to make positive changes, enhanced by the pleasure we take doing so, will result in greater humanity and beauty

Optimism is good for you

The reality of the world is much better than what we see on media

Optimism shall be practiced, can be developed, and shall be sustained as we maintain our body or our mind

Learned optimism** works not through an unjustifiable positivity about the world but through the power of “non-negative thinking”, by developing a more constructive explanatory style.   ** Martin E.P. Seligman