Membership in the Corporation shall be divided into two classes, as follows: (i) “Decision Making Members” and (ii) “Non-Decision Making Members”.  Non-Decision Making Membership is open to all persons who subscribe to the mission and purposes of OWB USA, who submit an application form and make an annual contribution established as follows:

  • Regular membership – Individual: $60.00
  • Student membership (<26 years old): $15.00
  • Sole membership “Eternal Optimist” – Individual: $400.00
  • Regular membership – Corporation: $250.00
  • Sole membership “Eternal Optimist” – Corporation: $1,600.00

The “Eternal Optimists” are the members who consciously decided to stay optimist until the end, despite life difficulties and hurdles, and who have contributed with a sole membership to OWB USA.Non-Decision Making Members shall be entitled to receive OWB USA newsletters, updates, access to Corporation resources such as the Corporation’s website and educational materials, and certain other benefits to be determined from time-to-time by the Board.  Non-Decision Making Members shall have no management, voting, or other control rights with respect to the Corporation or Board and shall not be allowed to attend Board or Decision Making Member meetings. Decision Making Members are elected by the Board and subject to Board approval after submitting applications to the Board requesting Decision Making Membership with the Corporation.  Decision Making Members may be removed as such at any time by the Board for any or no reason, with or without notice.  The number and duties of Decision Making Members shall be set by the Board and may be amended by the Board from time to time.The annual meeting of the Decision Making Members of the Corporation (the “Annual Meeting”) shall be held on or about the same date each year, to be set by the Board.  

Special considerations

We do not want to exclude anybody because of financial reason. Anyone wishing to become a member of OWB USA and not able to do it due to financial difficulties, will be able to pay a membership fee related to own possibilities, even a symbolic dollar. Confidentiality will be guaranteed.

Anyone joining OWB USA during the year is eligible to pay a membership on a pro-rata basis, at the condition to pay simultaneously the fee for the second year.The membership fee of a company / corporation also includes – without additional fee – the membership of the physical person responsible.


Donations are welcome. We are in the process of filing for a 501c tax exemption status, which should allow tax deductible donation (pending approval).



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